People's Assembly March

Wales Green Party signs up to People's Assembly Declaration to Stop Austerity Cuts in Wales

19 May 2015

"Grassroots organisations such as the Greens and the People’s Assembly are sticking together in the face of increasing austerity and cuts which we know will hurt the poorest and most vulnerable hardest."

Wales Green Party celebrates unprecedented increase in vote share across Wales

08 May 2015

"The public have shown they support our message to reverse austerity and build a safer, fairer future for Wales. We will build on this support over the next year in order to win seats at the Assembly elections.”

If You Think Green – Vote Green!

06 May 2015

"The Greens have a bold vision for a more equal and sustainable country, and we don’t apologise. We stand for new jobs, fair taxation, a clear signal to industry to invest in clean energy, closing tax loopholes and greater equality. We have to change politics fast. Vote Green."

Wales Greens Slam Labour For Disrespecting Voter Choice

05 May 2015

"I'm fed up with politicians like Balls telling people they shouldn't vote for what they believe in. The point of democracy is to allow voters a choice, and advocating tactical voting often means asking people not to vote for the issues they care most about. If people want Green, they need to vote Green."

Wales Green Party Vows To Keep Fracking On The Political Agenda

05 May 2015

“We only have a moratorium on fracking in Wales, and that could be lifted at any time. 64% of the UK is under licence for shale gas drilling, and experts say it would take 2,400 wells to replace the gas we currently extract from the North Sea. The countryside would be well and truly fracked.”

Wales Green Party Leader Vows To Bring Equal Pay To Women In Wales

04 May 2015

“It is shocking to me that women in Wales are still subjected to a gender pay gap which denies them equal pay. Women managers get on average £4000 less than men for doing the same job."

May Day Rally In Swansea Highlights Disparity Between Rich & Poor

03 May 2015

“Austerity is not inevitable. It is the result of deliberate political decisions. We do not accept that our poorest should be paying the cost of a crisis caused by a reckless, out of control financial sector that successive governments continue to indulge and bail out with vast amounts of tax payer’s money.”

Wales Green Party calls for a local approach to public transport

01 May 2015

“Whilst our public transport is in private hands, we must make sure that it benefits the Welsh economy and is not sucking profits out of the system.”

Green candidate for Caerphilly criticises politicians for delay in engaging young people

01 May 2015

"When I hear opposition parties leading up to this election have a passive dig at Labour calling for a Youth Parliament in Wales; I ask where were your voices of dissent last year?...This tokenistic gesture is at the heart of the problem within youth participation in Wales."

Wales Green Party In Favour Of Legalisation Of Cannabis For Medical Purposes

22 April 2015

"Commercial organisations in the UK are already allowed to patent and sell cannabis extracts, whilst the population as a whole is criminalised for using it – even if it saves their life. This simply has to be changed.”

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