Wales Green Party Launch Manifesto

14 April 2015

Wales Green Party Look To Reform The Economy, Bring Social Equality & Tackle Climate Change

Wales Green Party Announces Mark Pond as the replacement Parliamentary Candidate for Blaenau Gwent

08 April 2015

"I am delighted to be given this chance to represent my community and to offer them a real alternative to the austerity measures that Labour and the Conservatives are offering, and the fear based policies of UKIP."

Wales Green Party Remains Firm On Anti Nuclear Stance & Committed To Cleaner, Safer Renewable Energy For Wales

08 April 2015

Strong Response to Proposed New Plant At Wylfa Power Station

Coleg Gwent Facing Massive Cutbacks

31 March 2015

"The loss of 6000 students to Coleg Gwent makes an enormous hole in our capacity to deliver lifelong learning."

Aberthaw Power Station Threatened with European Commission Court Action Due To High Toxicity Levels

26 March 2015

“The fact that Aberthaw has been allowed to emit high levels of the toxic gas NOx (Nitrogen Oxide) indefinitely is wrong on every level. They have had almost 8 years to sort this out, and whilst dithering, the impact of respiratory problems and lung disease to the local population has increased.”

Greens to stand in Swansea East

22 March 2015

“This is a monumental chance for the people of Swansea to vote for change. We offer an alternative to the austerity rhetoric that plagues Westminster and South Wales in particular."

Wales Green Party In Favour Of Total Gender Equality

11 March 2015

"Women in Wales are still subject to the gender class system and currently receive 16.5% less in our pay packet than a man doing the same job."

Radical Rethink Required For Our Transportation Policies

11 March 2015

"There is no longer any question that we have to leave all remaining fossil fuels in the ground. Transportation plays a huge part in global warming and individuals cannot be expected to reduce emissions if there is no viable public transport available."

Why a Citizens Income Would Work for Wales

05 March 2015

"What's unique about the Citizens Income. is that it attacks poverty and inequality like nothing else on offer from the other parties" says Pippa Bartolotti, leader of Wales Green Party.

Newport will soon become a ‘commuter town’ warns Wales Green Party

19 February 2015

An unconnected programme of residential building and a lack of focus on creating and sustaining local industry and jobs is turning Newport into a ‘commuter town’, warns David Mclean, Wales Green Party candidate for Newport East.

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