Cutting on shore wind subsidies shows hollow values of Government, says Wales Green Party Leader

18 June 2015

"If renewables are expected to stand on their own financial feet, why not the oil industry and the fracking game? The oil industry is subsidised by £2.6 billion a year, and frackers will have their taxes halved. This Tory government is subsidising the very industries which are leading us to irreparable climate change.”

Wales Green Party urges Welsh government to tackle poverty crisis

18 June 2015

“No matter how many years we give this Welsh Labour government, it will not address the generational poverty in this land. In fact we are going backwards with almost a quarter of Welsh citizens living in poverty. It is shameful, neglectful and pompous of this government to allow poverty to gain such a foothold in Wales."

Green Party Leaders Supporting Swansea People’s Assembly

12 June 2015

“How we walk with the broken speaks louder than how we sit with the great. Ordinary people are being punished for the crimes of an immoral banking system. It is not tolerable for so many in our society to be crushed by this callous indifference.”

Green Party Leaders remember Lady Rhondda and equal pay for women

11 June 2015

"Lady Rhondda was a remarkable woman and she would not settle for second best. She fought much of her life with the Suffragettes for women to have an equal place in society. It was a desperate struggle against the establishment of the day, and that struggle continues. Today women managers in Wales earn almost £4000 less than a man for doing the same job, and a woman working part-time will earn almost 19% less."

Greens say yes to Swansea Lagoon

10 June 2015

"We need to get the idea of lagoons properly tested. Swansea will be hosting the first lagoon of its type in the world, and this will be a terrific draw to the area. Environmental tourism is in its infancy, and Swansea will reap significant financial benefits if this project goes ahead.”

The tragedy of not acting on new energy supplies

05 June 2015

"Added to the tragedy of job losses, is the fact that overseas companies are setting up in the UK to make wind turbines. These should have been Welsh companies building wind mills for Welsh communities and providing good Welsh jobs.”

More ambition needed for carbon reduction in Wales, say Greens

01 June 2015

“Greens are very disappointed that carbon targets in Wales have consistently been missed, despite the sterling work of industry which have reduced their own carbon emissions by 41%. What we need now is for government to stop allowing dirty power stations to continue to operate and swiftly switch to carbon free energy."

People's Assembly March

Wales Green Party signs up to People's Assembly Declaration to Stop Austerity Cuts in Wales

19 May 2015

"Grassroots organisations such as the Greens and the People’s Assembly are sticking together in the face of increasing austerity and cuts which we know will hurt the poorest and most vulnerable hardest."

Wales Green Party celebrates unprecedented increase in vote share across Wales

08 May 2015

"The public have shown they support our message to reverse austerity and build a safer, fairer future for Wales. We will build on this support over the next year in order to win seats at the Assembly elections.”

If You Think Green – Vote Green!

06 May 2015

"The Greens have a bold vision for a more equal and sustainable country, and we don’t apologise. We stand for new jobs, fair taxation, a clear signal to industry to invest in clean energy, closing tax loopholes and greater equality. We have to change politics fast. Vote Green."

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