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Candidates selected to represent the Green Party for the South Wales West region

Candidates selected to represent the Green Party

for the South Wales West region

Senedd Cymru – Welsh Parliament elections, May 2021


Green Party members welcome the selection of candidates to stand in the South Wales West region

Megan Poppy Lloyd (Neath Constituency),

Chris Evans (Gower Constituency),

Cllr Alex Harris (Bridgend Constituency) and

Tom Muller (Ogmore Constituency).


Each Welsh Green Party candidate elected as a Member of the Senedd (MS) will always place the interests of local people, their communities, the disadvantaged and the environment first.

Welsh Green Party candidates ask you to “Lend us your vote” in the next Senedd elections.  Whilst allowing local people to reject the austerity and cuts agenda of the Westminster parties.

The election of Green Party candidates gives you a chance to transform Wales into an environmentally sustainable and just community throughout its regions.

Wales has natural resources in abundance and a population waiting to express their potential for a sustainable country and prosperous community, focussed on well-being, equitable income and access to health, education and rewarding lives.

With national Labour re-aligning as “Tory lite”, it offers nothing more than a continuation of the disastrous Tory government.  Elect a Green and make sure Wales’ priorities are for you, the environment, the planet and not the rich overlords who currently run the UK.


Commenting, Megan Poppy Lloyd, Neath consistency candidate said:

I am delighted to have topped the election list.”

As a proud member of the LGBTQ+ community, I would hope to improve our representation in the Welsh Parliament, furthering the essential diversity of Welsh Members of Parliament. During the 2019 General Election, I stood as one of the few Greens under 30 years old, and I am proud to say that under my campaign, Neath saw a 2% vote increase in one of the most divisive elections in 100 years. As a 5th generation member of my town, increasing and promoting economic growth in Neath is incredibly important to me, and extending a Green presence in the Senedd is an essential path to realising my local goals.”


Chris Evans, Gower consistency candidate added:

I am willing to fight tooth and nail to protect all species and the environment they call home from the short term profit motive and greed that sums up politics today, and help rewrite the rule book so that our first duty is not about protecting profit, or GDP, but about looking after the most vulnerable people, species and habitats in Wales and preserving them for Future Generations.


Green Party councillor Alex Harris (Bridgend Constituency) added:

“I have been working to make positive changes to the community around me, such as encouraging the reduction of single use plastic in Porthcawl and now we are close to achieving Plastic Free status for the town.” And,

“As a Member of the Senedd my priorities would centre on the climate emergency and the need
to address the inequalities faced by my constituents. Tackling the climate emergency and
improving our local environment creating better life outcomes for the people around us through
progressive policies on Housing, Social Welfare and Transport.”


Community farmer Tom Muller (Ogmore Constituency) said:

“I realise that climate and environmental issues need to be urgently addressed. Managing and monitoring the impact and sustainability of human activity at a global level is critically important to ensure a universally accepted standard of living.” 

“Responsibility needs to be taken for securing the future and establishing a fair society. This can be achieved through appropriate representation at local level combined with international cooperation.” 

“In Wales in particular significant resources exist for sustainable energy and food production. A stronger focus is required to fully tap into this potential. Transport in Wales also requires improvement. In particular, greater emphasis should be placed on public transport and cycling infrastructure.”


Vote Green to help the people of Wales have a fair and sustainable future and to protect nature, our planet, its plants and animals in a way you would choose.  We have an inspiring list of selfless candidates, if your first vote is not Green – make sure your SECOND VOTE is GREEN, otherwise, that second vote will be wasted, trust me!

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