Contingency Planning

Recent weeks have seen the country in political turmoil. Whilst other parties try and work out what they stand for and who's in charge, the Greens are safe in the knowledge that whoever we elect as spokesperson, our values will always remain the same. You can count on us to speak up for environmental and social justice and to campaign for a fairer, more sustainable future for Wales.

There is much talk of an early General Election and we want to make sure that Wales Green Party will have a voice should this happen. Can you help us by contributing to a contingency pot which would fund deposits in key constituencies if needed? In the 2015 General Election we were able to stand in 34 out of 40 constituencies in Wales, and in the National Assembly for Wales election we stood in 36. Candidate deposits cost £500 each, and we want to ensure that we can build on our support in some key areas. (Should an election not be called the funds will be used for local election planning, see below).

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Local Election Planning

Our party in Wales has gone from strength to strength in recent years. We now have local parties across the length and breadth of the country. The recent Assembly elections have resulted in efficient teams and experienced candidates. We’re now looking forward to the 2017 local elections, where we can focus on what Greens do best: making a difference at a local level.


We want to ensure that all of our local parties have the resources needed for success – support from trained staff, and materials like leaflets, videos and social media campaigns that can get their messages heard.


If you can help, with either a one off payment or a monthly direct debit, please click the Donate button below. Your support is hugely appreciated to create the greener Wales that we know is possible.