EU Candidates

Anthony Slaughter - Lead MEP Candidate

I am standing for election as a WGP candidate in the 2019 European elections as I believe I have the experience and skills required for an effective campaign. This election provides an ideal opportunity for Wales Green Party to raise our profile across Wales increasing awareness of our unique polices to tackle the climate crisis and austerity driven social inequality. This will help maximise levels of public engagement and grow our membership and vote share ahead of the vital National Assembly for Wales elections in 2021.

I would utilise every opportunity and media platform available throughout the campaign to increase our visibility and to let the Welsh electorate know that there is a real alternative to the stale ‘business as usual’ parties that have done so much damage to our society and our environment.

I would also work to strengthen our connection with European Green Parties during this campaign, highlighting the need for increased cooperation between communities and countries across the European Union.


Ian Chandler

Ian Chandler is a charity worker and lives in Monmouthshire with his wife and children. He has a degree in Chemistry and a Master’s degree in Business Administration. For 30 years he has worked with international and UK charities on issues including poverty, human rights, environment and disability. He also volunteers locally for many causes and has been an FA qualified youth football coach.

Ian has previously stood in the 2017 General Election as well as the Monmouthshire County Council Elections. 

Ceri Davies

I am a 43-year-old husband and father of two young daughters living in central Cardiff, but hailing from the Mid Wales town of Hay. I moved to Cardiff at 18 to study at Cardiff University, resulting in a BA(Hons) in History and Welsh History and have since gained a Master’s in Public Administration awarded in 2013.

I’m seeking this nomination as a strong believer in social justice and creating a world that is increasingly improved for our children and its inhabitants. I believe that the mainstream parties offer little alternatives and I believe recent political shocks show there is an increasing appetite for real change.

The Green movement and approach to politics has long been embedded in Europe where consensual coalition politics is the norm, and I believe there is an opportunity for the UK party to build on this and the disenfranchisement many people feel, and Wales can be, and should be at the forefront of that change.

I believe the wealth of experience and professionalism I bring will not only aid the party in this campaign, but also begin to build towards the party’s wider objectives locally and nationally in the years to come.


Duncan Rees

I believe that Green party policies and our agenda for a sustainable and fair future for Wales are also values which need to be reflected in our approach to our membership of the EU.

I have been a Green party member since 2014, and have stood as a candidate in General, Wales Assembly and local elections. I am currently a prospective candidate for the Wrexham constituency at the next General election. I am an active member of NE Wales party and also the Deputy Leader of Wales Green Party.

Green parties in Europe are playing an important role in a number of countries, and I also strongly believe in the importance of the “Green bloc” of MEP’s within the European Parliament. The low turnout in Euro elections in the UK reflects a lack of information and understanding about the role of MEP’s – a situation not helped by the anti EU stance of some MEP’s. I see the election of more Green MEP’s – who take their roles seriously - as making a positive improvement to that situation.