Welsh Green Pride is the LGBTIQ+ group within Wales Green Party

The Welsh Green Pride Manifesto which outlines Wales Green Party's vison for equality can be found here in English and here in Welsh.

We formed as a group to represent one of the minority groups within Wales and the UK.

Our members and supporters are all part of the LGBTIQ+ community within Wales or allies and proud supporters within Wales.

Our Manifesto was put together by our membership, it is based around members personal and own experiences being part of the LGBTIQ+ community within Wales, so we are proud that it was put together from our membership and not our leadership. Our LGBTIQ+ manifesto can be found here.

We have had great success since forming, Health Minister Mark Drakeford personally supported our blood ban campaign #takemyblood. Putting our four recommendations forward on our behalf to SaBTO.

We are a highly active group working across Wales and in England with are partners LGBTIQ Greens to ensure the LGBTIQ+ community is fully represented. We are fighting for equal rights, not just for LGBTIQ+ but other minority groups. Until the day comes where we can all stand side by side in peace, our fight for equality is not over.

Adam Smith
Spokesperson, Welsh Green Pride.