David Mclean for Newport East and Pippa Bartolotti for Newport West

24 November 2014

The Wales Green Party has announced it will stand more than 30 candidates for the General Election in May 2015, with Pippa Bartolotti and David Mclean standing for Newport West and East respectively.

David Mclean is a PR consultant and ex-trade media journalist who has many years’ experience representing companies that produce sustainable products for the construction industry. Mr Mclean is outspoken on the need for Newport to be more economically and socially sustainable.

The candidate for Newport East said, “For too long Newport has pandered to multinational companies that see Newport as a resource to be drained. Yet they give very little by way of quality jobs, reward or even loyalty in return for what they take out. We need more real industry and jobs and to be more self-sufficient in generating revenue.

“For me, that’s what sustainability is all about. It’s about standing on our own two feet and building independence in all areas – energy independence so we aren’t at the mercy of international oil and gas giants, and economic independence so we are no longer cap-in-hand to international business and banks. We should making and selling more, and buying less. Only then can Newport start to achieve any real growth.”

Pippa Bartolotti, leader of Wales Green Party and candidate for Newport West, said "Greens are offering the people of Newport the only alternative to the tired and failing Westminster parties. The Lib Dems have let voters down by their record in Government, such as tripling tuition fees despite promising to abolish them. Meanwhile, our sitting MPs and the Labour Party have completely failed to offer any alternative to the program of austerity that has been crippling people and services in Newport.”

"Only the Green Party offers a joined up way forward for our country without austerity. It is time banks repaid us for the bailouts given to them by the Labour Government. It’s time we stopped letting the interests of big business trample over the needs of ordinary people and the ecology of the planet.

“This message is the reason people are getting behind us and going Green. The Green surge in membership shows a real belief that Greens can win elections. Our Party has so much to offer to the people of Newport, and we will be working hard to get that message out to local people in the lead up to the election."

The Green Party in Newport will be campaigning for a fair deal for women – equal pay for equal work; abolition of student tuition fees; and safe and affordable energy.

The Green Party is buoyant after gaining popularity with the public on policies such as renationalising the railways, raising the minimum wage to £10 an hour, and putting a wealth tax on the richest 1% of Britain's who own over £3million in assets.

Pippa Bartolotti has been Wales Green Party leader for 3 years. Wales Green party membership has increased 121.65% since January this year.

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