"Micro-renewables and energy efficiency, not nuclear"

3 June 2008

Wales Green Party have submitted their response to the WAG consultation Renewable Energy Route Map for Wales and have called for micro-generation together with improved energy efficiency to become the cornerstone of Wales' energy policy. This consultation is a useful first step in the consideration of changes to electrical energy production, small-scale heat and electricity production and domestic energy consumption.

Wales Green Party support the personal commitment of Jane Davidson and the assertion that Wales can obtain the electricity it requires from renewable sources. However, it doubts the overall commitment of both Labour and its coalition partner Plaid Cymru to deliver on renewable energy rather than support the expansion of nuclear power in Wales. The Wales Green Party calls on Rhodri Morgan and Ieuan Wyn Jones to state their support for a Wales powered by renewable energy and free from nuclear power stations.

Through out the economy, the pattern of energy production and use is going to change drastically over the next two decades, due to the effect of peak oil and the need to reduce CO2 production. The Green Party believe Wales is well placed with significant opportunities to develop its renewable energy potential. However, this opportunity is going to be missed. The Wales Green Party consultation calls on WAG to:

  • Start a major programme to retro-fit energy efficiency into existing homes.
  • Provide significant financial support for the development of micro-generation in Wales.
  • State opposition to continued nuclear power in Wales
  • Support local biomass from coppicing and forest floor residues to provide a community-level contribution to carbon-neutral energy generation.
  • Increase re-use and re-cycling of waste rather than incineration. Incinerating waste for energy production discourages recycling and waste reduction and act as a drive to greater consumption of goods to produce waste.

Leila Kiersch, the Wales Green Party Leader, said "It is clear that Wales can obtain the electricity it requires from renewable energy. With the increasing costs of oil and the environmental damage associated with global warming increasing renewable energy use can bring significant financial and environmental benefits. For Wales' full potential to be realised with self sufficiency in energy there must be a significant increase in the energy efficiency of buildings both new and old and in micro generation of energy at the point where it is used."

Leila Kiersch continued "The Wales Green Party call on Rhodri Morgan to publicly state his opposition to both replacing the existing and to building new nuclear power stations in Wales.We also call on the Plaid Cymru Leader to come clean on what the Plaid policy is on a new Nuclear power station on Ynys Mon and stop flip flopping about - does he personally support it or is he going to follow others in Plaid and oppose it'.

To view the full Wales Green Party response to the WAG consultation Renewable Energy Route Map for Wales visit wales.greenparty.org.uk

For further information (English or Welsh language) contact Leila Kiersch Wales Green Party Principal Speaker - 01974 261340/07817 83714 or Wales Green Party Press Officer Jake Griffiths on 07752754537 and cantongreens@hotmail.co.uk .

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