Record Number of Female Candidates Top Green Party Regional Lists for the Assembly Elections

26 October 2015

It has been announced this week that members of the Wales Green Party have voted in female candidates to lead four of the five Assembly election regional lists. Once again the Greens are leading the way in female representation and diversity. 

The four candidates are Lisa Rapado, Alice Hooker-Stroud, Amelia Womack and Pippa Bartolotti.

Some have predicted the Green Party could be the surprise package in next May’s election following their recent surge.

Lisa Rapado, a Welsh speaker who grew up in Skewen, Neath and currently lives in Cwmtwrch, has been selected to lead the Green Party campaign for South West Wales. Lisa was a shop steward at the Lucas SEI factory, and her most recent political success came when she led a successful campaign stop the closure of every primary school based specialist unit within the county of Powys.

Lisa Rapado said “I chose to stand for the Green Party because its policies match so many of my own personal beliefs: I believe in an NHS that is free for all and free from privatisation; free education for all; good, affordable housing for all, not just the few; transport that is accessible to all and run for the good of the people, not for profit; and that there should be no such thing as fuel poverty in a developed country like our own."

Alice Hooker-Stroud, the lead list candidate for Mid and West Wales currently works with the campaigning organisation Global Justice Now. Previously, she co-ordinated the Zero Carbon Britain project at the Centre for Alternative Technology, campaigning for a radical zero-emissions economy for the UK. Alice was born and brought up in mid Wales, and lives in Machynlleth. 

“I think people are tired of unnecessary cuts and of politicians not taking environmental issues seriously. We stand a very real chance of winning Assembly seats next year, and I think voters are ready to hear people speaking out with fair and real solutions.”

 "The Green Party has answers to many of the problems faced by Mid and West Wales. We can create secure jobs, and can build affordable sustainable homes. We can save the NHS and local schools. These are all things I will fight for in the Assembly."

Amelia Womack is Co-Deputy leader for the England and Wales Green Party, and is the youngest person in a leadership position of any UK political party.

Amelia, who has been selected to be the lead Regional List candidate for South Wales Central, said “I will be working tirelessly to tackle the growing inequalities in Wales, campaigning on issues that affect young people and ensuring we protect our environment for future generations. “

Pippa Bartolotti is Leader of the Wales Green Party, constituency candidate for Newport West and lead candidate for the Greens in the South Wales East regional list. Known as a radical political speaker, Bartolotti said, “Newport needs a change, Wales needs a change. Voting Greens into the National Assembly for Wales will shake up this tired Cardiff Bay regime and inject some fire and determination into progressive policies which will put people and planet at the top of the agenda. Our aim is to lift this country out of the languishing poverty forced upon it.” 

In terms of elected representation in Wales, gender balance has worsened since the highs of 2003. Wales now has fewer women Assembly Members, fewer women in the Cabinet, and fewer women Council Leaders than we did ten years ago. Greens, as usual are continuing to lead the way in female representation across the political board.

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