Green Party Deputy Leaders team up for electoral breakthrough in South Wales Central

18 November 2015

Following its biggest ever national conference in Cardiff, the Wales Green Party has announced that two of its most high-profile members are aiming to win seats on the regional list in South Wales Central. The Party will be fielding candidates in every constituency in the region, to build on its best ever results in the 2015 general election.

Newport-born Amelia Womack is lead candidate for the regional list, and standing in Cardiff Central. As Deputy Leader of the Green Party of England and Wales, Amelia is the youngest person to hold a leadership position in a major UK political party. She holds an MSc in Environmental Technology from Imperial College as well as a BSc in Environmental Biology and has extensive campaigning experience for social and environmental justice.

Amelia is passionate about ensuring stronger youth representation in politics, working closely with the Young Greens and a number of youth organisations to inspire younger generations to vote and use their democratic rights.

Amelia said:

“We have already seen what Greens have achieved in Scotland, London, and Northern Ireland, now the time has come to show what we can do for Wales. As one of Wales’ first Green AMs, I will speak up for genuinely affordable housing, decent jobs, real opportunities for young people, and ambitious environmental policies that will make Wales a world leader in green technology.

"People in South Wales Central will see our strong team of candidates and volunteers working tirelessly in every constituency to ensure we win our first seats in 2016. Green AM’s will radically change Welsh politics for the better, and hold the next Welsh Government to account for the big promises made on the environment, the economy, and equality.”

Anthony Slaughter, Deputy Leader of Wales Green Party, is second on the list, and contesting Cardiff South and Penarth. As a long time Penarth resident and well-known local Green campaigner, Anthony has significantly grown the party’s share of the vote in two previous elections in the constituency.

Anthony said:

“The Wales Green Party’s surge in membership and public support shows people are tired of business as usual politics in the Assembly. We now have a real opportunity to get the elected Green representation that Wales so desperately needs.

“In these times of environmental degradation, enforced austerity and ever increasing inequality, strong Green voices will bring an end to the stale, cosy politics in Cardiff Bay. People I meet across South Wales Central tell me they are ready for real change. We will not allow the next Welsh Government to get away with another five years of good intentions that only lead to muddled delivery, and the same old excuses.”

 Amelia Womack & Anthony Slaughter

Amelia Womack & Anthony Slaughter



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