Progressive Alliance Talks Fail to Reach Agreement

10 February 2016


Representatives of the Wales Green Party were approached to explore the possibilities of forming a progressive alliance ahead of the National Assembly elections in 2016. However failure to reach agreement between the three parties has meant that talks have now been abandoned.

Alice Hooker-Stroud, leader of the Wales Green Party said:

"Our electoral system in Wales needs a good shake up. Progressive voters regularly have to hold their nose and vote for another term of a Welsh Labour government that has run out of ideas and has nothing left to offer but more excuses.

 Representatives of the Wales Green Party were approached to explore whether we could form an alliance as an alternative to our tired, inert one party state. People want real change, and we were looking to from alliance with parties who share common ground with the Wales Green Party  to see if we could offer them a chance to vote for it. 

 The electoral math was there, but the political will wasn't. Talks took place but no final proposal to take to our members for final agreement was reached. 

 "We are a party on the ascent and we will work, whether together or on our own, to ensure the next Welsh Government is accountable to those who want a fairer Wales, run for the common good.  We now continue with our focus on the election, and we are excited that Green supporters in every part of Wales can still vote to to secure Green voices in the Senedd in May."

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