Wales Green Party launches refugees campaign as Donald Trump is sworn in

19 January 2017

The Green Party launched a campaign to resettle more child refugees in the UK and keep refugee families together, to coincide with the inauguration of Donald Trump.


On Friday, Wales Green Party leaders and members took part in Bridges Not Walls, a nationwide action where banners were dropped from iconic bridges across the UK. Their messages were to reject the rise of the far right, express solidarity with mariginalised groups and stand up to the politics of hate. 


Leader Alice Hooker-Stroud attended the event in Aberystwyth, whilst Deputy Leader Grenville Ham was at the banner drop at Llanfaes Bridge in Brecon, an event organized by the Local Green Party.


The campaign aims to support refugees in the UK, resettle more child refugees and a petition will be launched to call on home secretary Amber Rudd to widen the family reunification rules and keep refugee families together.


Alice Hooker-Stroud, Wales Green Party Leader, said:


"I'm proud to be standing here today in the most Euro-friendly town in the UK in solidarity with migrants and refugees, and against hate. Divide and rule won't wash with us. We're all in the same boat and we have to stand together.

Freedom of movement works both ways, and so does care and compassion. If we want to travel for work, friends or family we have to allow others the same. If we want to feel secure that we would be taken in if there were hard times, we have to be willing to do the same.

At times like these we have to show we are committed to protecting the most vulnerable and supporting those in need. We need to reach out. To build bridges, relationships, and communities so that if others decide to build walls we can get together and tear them down.


Grenville Ham, Wales Green Party Deputy Leader, said:


“Trump came to power spreading a huge lie; that some people matter less than others. I felt I had a responsibility to organise this event in my hometown and show that ordinary people will reject any attempt to divide us. So it has been so pleasing to receive such an overwhelmingly positive response from local people who share values of justice, respect for dignity, human rights and the truth.”

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