New leader Grenville Ham will lead Wales Green Party through local elections: “Greens well placed to make gains across Wales”

3 April 2017

Grenville Ham, an expert in renewable energy and an award-winning businessman, takes over party leadership from Alice Hooker-Stroud.  

Grenville said: It is an immense privilege to lead the party in the Council elections in May. I am working to support the local parties and all their hardworking prospective councillors. Wales Green Party is offering communities across Wales a chance to vote for fresh ideas and a positive future. I am campaigning to become a councillor in Brecon, where I live. People in Brecon aspire for a meaningful change. To get that, they know they can’t carry on voting for the same old parties. Greens are well placed to make gains across Wales. Ours is a vision of a future where local economies can truly thrive.”

Grenville is an expert in renewable community energy and has won numerous business awards and accolades throughout his career. Grenville was awarded a British Empire Medal by the Queen for his efforts in his local community. He has raised over half a million pounds for community projects in mid-Wales and understands the needs of local businesses to succeed.

Grenville said: “Across Wales, Greens have the expertise and the appetite to develop sustainable local economies that provide jobs for all. Young people are key: we have the responsibility to ensure that young people will be able to have a future career and decent housing. For example, community owned energy systems and building truly efficient housing can provide career development for thousands. Wales, the local community and the economy overall will benefit from a focus in local job creation. If elected as a councillor, I will apply my experience in setting up community projects and sustainable companies to ensure that Brecon is on the right track going forward.”

He added: “As the leader of the Wales Green Party, I will support our prospective councillors in every region of Wales. Wales Green Party’s priority for Wales is not only to ensure that our local economies are bullet-proof and sustainable but also to take care of and rebuild our communities. Our Council election candidates have long been active in their communities and working to rebuild community spirit from Powys to Penarth.”

Talking about the priorities of the party for Wales, he added: "As a party, we are focussing on reducing fuel bills through local selling of locally generated renewably energy. As the leader of Wales Green Party, my vision is to cut out the exploitative middle man in energy production and delivery, through Green-led local action. With Green councillors elected, Powys Council would take the lead on this type of innovative local economic regeneration which we would work to spread across Wales.”

He concluded: “A better future is possible. It starts with electing Greens to represent your community in the Council elections. Wales Green Party councillors will fight for our communities. Unlike other parties, the individual councillors are not told how to vote on issues. We believe that our candidates know their local community best.”

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