It's time Greens had equal media coverage in Wales

5 April 2017

The Wales Green Party is fielding a record 78 candidates across Wales in the forthcoming Council elections. With only 2 candidates fewer than UKIP, It’s time we had equal coverage across the media.

As a grass roots political party with little funding, we are the party which puts people before profit, we cherish our countryside and work tirelessly for clean air and better health for everyone. Greens will rebuild our communities. We are the party fighting for better public transport, community energy and greater equality.

The Green Party voice is the only opposition to all the other parties, and for all voters to have a true choice at election time, it’s time they heard what is on offer.

As we speak to people all over Wales, it is clear many people like what we have to offer. Sadly that offer is not taken up by the media. So lets have equal coverage, and be sure that voters have a chance to make their decision with a full understanding of the issues and options available.

In SE Wales, the Brexit vote won by only .5% of the vote, and when you consider the amount of publicity Farage and his team were given, that was a hollow victory. We now have a chance to put better balance into media reportage. We ask all media outlets to take that chance, now!

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