Caroline Lucas: “Hope will have a voice in Wales”

7 April 2017

Co-leader Jonathan Bartley launched the campaign in Worcester this Friday. The party is aiming to attract voters across the country who feel let down by other parties.

The Green Party is fielding a record number of candidates in the elections on May 4, with 78 standing across Wales. The party has unveiled a five-point pledge for its local elections campaign.

Green councillors will fight for:

• Local green spaces

• Decent social care

• Air fit to breathe

• Affordable homes

• Action on climate change

Co-leader of the Green Party, Caroline Lucas said: “The Greens in Wales are standing a record number of candidates this year. From the Vale of Glamorgan to Powys, hope will have a voice in Wales. Global change starts at a local level. Green candidates in Wales can deliver the positive change we all desperately need.”

Grenville Ham, leader of the Wales Green Party, who also runs a not-for-profit renewable energy company, said: “I am delighted to start my term as the leader of Wales Green Party on such a positive note. We have 78 prospective councillors – more than ever before!”

“A better future is possible. It starts with electing Greens to represent your community in the Council elections. Wales Green Party councillors will work hard to rebuild our communities. Across Wales, Greens have the expertise and the appetite to develop sustainable local economies that provide jobs and housing for all. Unlike other parties, the individual councillors are not told how to vote on issues. We believe that our candidates know their local community best.”

“Our prospective councillors know how real life works. None of us are career politicians, but people with common sense, grafters who get things done. We have a vision for what we want our communities to be like. Our councillors will be preparing the ground for green technology that will provide jobs locally, they will work on sustainable housing and ridding ourselves of the rigged energy market. In sustainable energy, we have a chance to cut out the exploitative middle man in energy production and delivery, and we must grasp that for everyone’s benefit.”

He added: “Our vision is to deliver the green economy we need, a future of decent jobs and decent housing, of decent local services and above all else communities that protect our most vulnerable people. Wales deserves better. Voters can't expect things to change if they keep voting for the same old parties who have no ideas. We all need Greens to be elected to change things on a local level.”

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