Wales Green Party welcomes snap election on June 8th

18 April 2017

Wales Green Party welcomes the news that there will be a general election on June 8th

Grenville Ham, leader of Wales Green Party was buoyant, “This is a great opportunity to stop austerity in its tracks. For too long the main parties have followed an ideology that has forced unnecessary hardship on the poorest and most disadvantaged in Britain, and Greens will continue to demand that this changes."

Pippa Bartolotti, Deputy leader said, “Climate change is the unseen storm gathering over our heads. No Conservative government has done more than break promises over mitigation measures like zero carbon housebuilding, CO2 reduction, and pollution. No one in this Tory government is suffering from either social injustice or sea level rise. They are out of touch, and I hope will soon be out of government.”

The Green Party in Wales will also be campaigning for Proportional Representation. Grenville Ham added, “It’s time for fair play at the ballot box. The scourge of majority rule has brought us Brexit and austerity. Proportional Representation is the key to unlocking real democracy, and we will work with other political parties to make this happen.”

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