Greens call for emergency intervention into air pollution crisis

4 May 2017

Greens call for emergency intervention into air pollution crisis

The Wales Green Party calls for attention to be given to Wales over the air pollution crisis ahead of the Westminster Government’s draft air quality plan 9th May.

Illegal air pollution breaches are as prominent across Wales as they are in the rest of the UK. Across the UK, filthy air is linked to 40 000 early deaths every year.

Wales Green Party leader, Grenville Ham, said: “Air pollution is causing over 1000 early deaths each year in Wales. Yet come Tuesday, when the Westminster government is due to publish their draft air pollution plan, the Welsh Government will not bat an eyelid. An emergency intervention is needed in Wales to curb illegal air pollution. For the sake of our communities, any delay in tackling this crisis in Wales is unacceptable.”

Wales Green Party deputy leader, Pippa Bartolotti, said: “When it comes to traffic pollution, leadership from Westminster and Cardiff is badly lacking. Air pollution is one of a whole range of issues where the government has to be dragged kicking and screaming through the courts to take sensible action on the multiple environmental crises we are facing.

"Where’s their 'strong leadership’ and plan of action on returnable plastic bottles? On river pollution? And most importantly of all on climate change? The technology is here, and Greens will use it to get us out of the dark fossil fuel age, and to champion our health and environment in every way. “

The High Court ruled on Thursday (April 27) that the Government must publish its draft air pollution plan before May 9.

Jonathan Bartley, Green Party of England and Wales co-leader, said: “The Green Party is the only party committed to taking immediate action on air pollution, with investment in cycling, walking, electric vehicles and public transport. We’d also properly fund and expand the Clean Air Zone network and introduce a Vehicle Excise Duty for new diesel vehicles alongside a diesel scrappage scheme.”

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