Gren's thoughts following the General Election

14 June 2017

I’m incredibly proud of everyones efforts throughout a general election that came immediately after our largest ever local election campaign. From our candidates standing for election for the first time, through to the seasoned campaigners, your efforts and determination did us proud. Thank you to everyone involved. We didn’t make the gains many would have hoped for but the trend of all smaller parties losing ground was clear to see. I’m acutely aware that many of the local parties made the difficult decision to not stand candidates and I’m pleased that for some this resulted in the removal of poor MPs but for most I guess you’re still reeling from the fact that this had no effect at all.
The political future for the UK is now looking very uncertain and we may feel disheartened seeing a continued cuts to our local services and the lack of action on our ecological crisis, but our voice is needed more than ever. Watching four hours of the Welsh Leaders TV debates - where no one mentioned the environment, climate change or the vice like grip that corporations have over our society- left me convinced that our radical and bold vision for Wales is needed more than ever. Over the coming weeks our local parties will need to start thinking about strategies for the Welsh Assembly and local elections whilst dovetailing this with the possibility of a further snap general election. Let’s make sure that we’re prepared.
But let’s not forget to celebrate the fact that we now have an exceptionally talented County Councillor in Emily Durrant and a coming by election in less than 2 weeks. We have a genuine chance to elect a second County Councillor in Powys and start making some real noise. Let’s keep moving forwards. Let’s stand together.


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