Gwent Green Party responds to the plans to tackle air pollution in Hafodyrynys

25 August 2017

BBC Wales reported on 22nd August that homes could be demolished or a bypass built under plans to improve air quality in an area with one of the UK's highest pollution levels in Caerphilly. Air pollution in Hafodyrynys is higher than anywhere but central London.
Ian Chandler responded on behalf of Gwent Green Party: 
"No one should have to live with the levels of pollution that are a daily occurrence in Hafodyrynys. Their health is being sacrificed as a result of decisions over the decades that have prioritised cars and lorries over the needs of ordinary people. 


"However, there are no easy answers to this particular problem. Building a new bypass will move some of the pollution away from the most affected houses, but the initial reduced congestion risks encouraging more traffic to use that route and so the problem returns. Purchasing and demolishing the homes removes the residents from the problem, but does nothing to reduce overall pollution and puts the main burden of the solution onto the victims.


"The views of residents are key to reaching a decision but the Wales Green Party is concerned that not enough is being done to inform residents of the options and seek their opinions. Caerphilly Council have posted a response form on their website, but this requires residents to read a detailed 72 page technical report with a deadline for responses of the 31st August. This is just not good enough. 


"Although Hafodyrynys is an extreme example, pollution affects us all. The Green Party is pushing for new and bold government policies to improve the quality of the air we breathe and safeguard the health of people living in our towns and cities."


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