Wales Green Party responds to Hurricane Harvey

29 August 2017

Pippa Bartolotti, Wales Green Party Deputy leader said, “It’s not just another hurricane. It’s not just another flood. Harvey is the third 500 year flood to hit Houston in the past 5 years.


“And that’s why we should be worried.  All around Wales, just as in Houston, we have been building on flood plains. Heavy rain is only ever just a day or so away. In Newport they are building a school on flood plains. In Llannelli a new housing estate sits just behind a sea wall.


“We have known events like Huston would happen for years, and the water there is still rising. Only the Green Parties of the world cared, protested, lobbied, marched. What happens next is very important. Whilst they clear up Harvey, we should be clearing out bad planning decisions. Building on flood plains should never be an option.”


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