Carbon Accounting is not Enough

4 October 2017

The Wales Green Party welcomes the debate on personal carbon accounts in the Senedd today.

Pippa Bartolotti, Wales Green Party deputy leader said, “With new studies showing that rainforests are now so stressed that they have become net carbon emitters, the window for cutting carbon consumption is closing more quickly than we thought. It is therefore absolutely vital that the Welsh Government not only debates measures to cut carbon, but quickly puts in place measures which will see a quantifiable reduction in the shortest possible time.”

The Green Party has been working to reduce carbon levels for some decades and has argued for a Contraction and Convergence policy through a system of tradeable carbon quotas. This system would cover all emissions of carbon dioxide produced by burning of fossil fuels in the UK. Carbon quotas would be needed for all purchases of electricity and gas from non-renewable sources. Air flights and direct purchase of fossil fuels including gas, coal, petrol, diesel and fuel oil.

A system for buying and selling quotas would be established. A proportion of the total quota would be distributed free of charge to all eligible individuals in the UK, with all adults receiving an equal amount. The remaining quota would be sold to organisations (public, private and voluntary) by a system set up by the government.

Pippa Bartolotti added, “It now seems quite fashionable to talk about climate change, pollution and limiting carbon emissions. I wait for the day when it becomes fashionable to actually do something about it. Carbon budgeting on its own is not enough. Greens look forward to a convincing programme of investment in energy conservation and waste minimisation – such as raising technical standards, building regulations and standards for energy efficiency in consumer products so that everyone can live well within their carbon budgets.”

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