Wales Green Party responds to the news that cities in Wales suffer from dangerously polluted air

31 October 2017

The World Health Organisation has warned that dozens of British cities, including Cardiff and Newport in Wales, suffer from dangerously polluted air.


In response to the report, Pippa Bartolotti, Wales Green Party deputy leader said:


“It is looking bad for Wales. Air pollution is inexorably linked to the burning of fossil fuels which need to be urgently phased out. When put together with the record levels of C02 in the atmosphere and an alarming increase in methane, it becomes very clear that acting on air pollution and climate change is more than overdue. Tomorrow is a day too late if we are to avoid increased suffering across the globe and at home.


“We cannot further the aspirations of limiting planet warming to 1.5 degrees if all we do is talk about it. The Wales Green Party calls upon the Welsh Government to play its part by putting a halt to all new roadbuilding, investing in renewable energy and public transport, and shutting down all dirty power stations.


“The WHO report says that it is dangerous to breath in Cardiff, Chepstow, Port Talbot, Swansea and Newport. These towns and cities are facing a lifetime threat to human health. It’s a big bill for NHS Wales and an unnecessary one. The Welsh Government must act now.”

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