Wales Green Party condemns the decision to allow radioactive waste dumped in the Severn Estuary

24 May 2018

The Wales Green Party are extremely concerned that the majority of the AMs appeared unmoved by the concerns of thousands of people regarding the dumping of mud from a nuclear site into waters close to Cardiff Bay yesterday. 


Grenville Ham, leader of the Wales Green Party, said: 



“Wales is now a dumping ground for England’s toxic, radioactive waste from Hinkley. The valid concerns of thousands of people have been waived off as scaremongering. We are not a dumping ground for multinational corporations but are shamefully treated as such by both the Welsh Labour and the Tories. I have no doubt that the lobbyists from the big energy companies have been working away in the background, doing their best to make sure that the white elephant of the Hinkley C goes ahead at the expense of the Welsh democracy. Well, it looks like they are succeeding, and at a great cost to the Welsh public.”


He added: “The great irony is that this year is the Year of the Sea, celebrated across Wales, and all we’ll have to show for it is 300,000 tonnes of potentially toxic sludge getting dumped just off Cardiff Bay. Our Tidal Lagoons are hanging on the whim of a disinterested Westminster. What our representatives in the Senedd fail to understand is that not only is the testing on the mud insufficient, but that there is the wider cumulative issue of dumping waste in the oceans. Our oceans are dying, yet Wales continues to allow waste and excrement being pumped into our rivers from poultry factory farms, and massive amounts of plastic are being dumped into our oceans too. None of this is in line with the Wellbeing of the Future Generations Act and I am shocked and sad to see that EDF’s interests have overridden those of ours and our children’s.”


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