Wales Green Party celebrates a Green Vision for Wales on St David’s Day

28 February 2019

As the people of Wales celebrate Welsh culture and heritage on St David’s Day, both at home and around the world, Wales Green Party are also looking to the future and celebrating a Wales fit for the 21st Century with their ‘Green Vision for Wales’. 

The Green Party are taking this opportunity to highlight Wales’ potential to lead the world in tackling the Climate Emergency. 

Wales Green Party leader Anthony Slaughter said, ‘In these current turbulent times, with an ever-changing political landscape, massive economic uncertainty and an increasing public awareness of the harsh realities of the climate crisis, we believe that this is the moment to think differently, to seize the opportunity and to create a safe, sustainable future society that works for all. 

We want to see a Wales that leads the way with a new, green industrial revolution, a Wales powered by locally produced clean, green, renewable energy, a Wales with green, sustainable public transport accessible to all, a Wales with air safe to breathe in all our towns and cities, a Wales fit for future generations. A Wales that is leading the way in tackling the climate emergency.’



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