Wales Green Party ready for December election

30 October 2019

Wales Green Party have argued alongside Caroline Lucas and others that a General Election is not the answer to the Brexit crisis and continue to campaign for a People’s Vote as the only fair solution to the current Parliamentary deadlock.

Wales Green Party are however fully prepared for an election campaign and will be campaigning across Wales in the coming weeks promoting their strong radical Green vision to Welsh voters.

Wales Green Party leader Anthony Slaughter said, ‘At a time of climate emergency this must be an election about our planet’s future and the urgent action needed to tackle this crisis. Greens are the party with real and meaningful policies to create a cleaner, greener safer world for all.

The problems we face can only be tackled through international cooperation which is one reason the Greens have been a Remain party from the start. We also recognise the ever-increasing social inequality within our communities that is behind so much of the anger and frustration that drove the Brexit vote.

We need to work together with our neighbours to create a fairer society and a liveable planet. This action starts at the ballot box. A vote for Wales Green Party on 12th December is a vote for urgent action on climate chaos, a just society and a call for a Final Say on Europe with a People’s Vote.’

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