Green Party launches Assembly election campaign

11 April 2011

Green Party today launched its "2nd vote Green" campaign, urging Labour supporters to give the party their 2nd regional list vote.

The launch saw the preview of an online video that seeks to explain the complicated d'hondt voting system, highlighting the huge number of wasted Labour votes at each election(1). In 2007 200,000 2nd votes for Welsh Labour failed to elect any regional AMs (2).

The video was created by Sian Berry, former London mayoral candidate and seeks to imitate the style of Ifor the Engine. She said:

"This video should give voters a better understanding of Wales' voting system and the best way they can use their 2nd vote."

The video gives specific attention to the South Wales Central region, where party leader Jake Griffiths is on course to become the first Green Assembly Member on 5th May.

Under the proportional voting system, just 7% is needed to elect a Green Assembly Member. The last time it was used, at the European elections, Greens polled 6.4%.

Speaking at the launch Jake Griffiths said:

"With the Tories and Lib Dems in power, making huge cuts to public services, I know many people are thinking of turning to Labour again. But because under the proportional voting system they already win most constituencies, over 70,000 2nd votes for Labour effectively go in the bin at every Assembly election in South Wales Central.

"Green AMs would stand up for public services and argue for investment in new jobs in the green economy, so I urge people thinking of backing Labour to give the Greens their 2nd vote."

The campaign is also is being promoted on billboards around Cardiff today.

(1) To watch the video see

(2) Sum of 2007 Labour regional vote in South Wales Central, East, West and North Wales

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