“2nd Vote Green to defend public services and create low carbon jobs”

14 April 2011

Wales Green today launched its Assembly Election Manifesto, as Greens  are on course to win their first seats in the Welsh Assembly.

The manifesto, titled “2nd vote Green”, focuses on the need to defend vital public services and invest in low carbon jobs, presenting a credible alternative to large scale cuts.

Jake Griffiths, Wales Green Party Leader and Lead South Wales Central Candidate said: “We’re asking people to give their 2nd vote to the Greens to defend public services and build the low carbon economy. Greens in the Assembly will work to limit the damage of the Westminster imposed cuts and argue for the alternative, stimulus investment in new jobs in the low carbon economy. We unequivocally support the idea of quality public services and a welfare state that is there when people need it. ”

“The Assembly needs to be given greater financial powers to raise additional revenue for this investment to counteract the damage caused and jobs lost by the public spending reductions. Investing in a green stimulus will create thousands of new jobs and tackle climate change at the same time.”

This week the party also launched its direct appeal to Labour supporters, pointing out that in 4 of 5 regions, Labour has never elected regional AMs.

“In South Wales Central, where I am standing, 70,000 2nd votes for Labour were wasted in 2007 as they failed to elect an AM. If just a small proportional of these votes switch to the Greens we will have AMs that will stand up against the Conservative-Lib Dem attacks on our welfare state.”

“Labour's call for people to vote Labour twice is more likely to elect the Tories, Lib Dems or another right wing party rather than a progressive party such as the Greens, who are committed to protecting public services and building the low carbon economy.”

The Party has launched a new website, www.2ndvotegreen.org.uk hosting a video that explains the voting system and why Labour 2nd votes are mostly wasted. The video was made by former London Mayoral candidate Sian Berry.

The party’s key policy aims include:

  • Tackling fuel poverty with a free insulation programme
  • Localising the economy and supporting public transport to tackle reliance on increasingly expensive and damaging fossil fuels
  • Invest in renewable energy, rather than nuclear,  as part of a target to reduce CO2 emissions by 10% per year.
  • Work to ensure that money allocated for schools is actually passed on by local authorities, increasing the proportion from the current 75% to 90%.
  • Refocusing business support on Welsh companies, which provide lasting high quality jobs, rather than footloose multinationals.


The manifesto can be downloaded below:



For more information contact Wales Green Party Press Office 075 9000 8249 press@walesgreenparty.org.uk


The last time a proportional voting system was used in the 2009 Euro elections, Greens polled 6.4% in their target region, South Wales Central. Around 7% is needed to elect Green AMs.

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