Badger Cull Vote

24 March 2011

Jake Griffiths Wales Green Party Leader and candidate for South Wales Central said:

"The decision to allow a badger cull in Wales to go ahead makes absolutely no sense and will do nothing to alleviate the terrible problem of bovine Tuberculosis."

"This is backed up by all the research, including a £50 million randomised cull trial which found that a cull can actually increase incidents of the disease (1). In 2009 Scotland, which hasn’t killed any badgers, was declared a tuberculosis-free zone. However, in the Republic of Ireland badgers have been culled and incidents of bovine Tuberculosis increased by 13% (2)"

"In passing this bill, the Assembly government is choosing to ignore all the available evidence, using scarce resources to carry out a culling program that is destined to fail"

(1)   Report available online at:
(2)   Press release available online at:


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