"Wales must become the engine of the green economy” - Welsh Green Party leader

24 February 2011

Welsh Green Party leader Jake Griffiths sets out his long term vision challenging the policies of the Labour/Plaid Cymru coalition and Conservative/Lib Dem cuts to public services in his keynote speech to the Green Party Conference on Friday.

Jake Griffiths will be standing as lead Green Party candidate in South Wales Central, with the aim of becoming the first Green member of the Welsh Assembly on 5th May.

In his speech, he will highlight the failure of Assembly Coalition to implement a long term jobs strategy, on education, fuel poverty and fossil fuel dependence. He will also criticise the Welsh Government’s support for the development of a nuclear power station on Anglesey rather than renewable energy.

Mr Griffiths is to call for investment in new jobs in the low-carbon economy for Wales, supporting local businesses and protecting rural communities.

He will also use his keynote speech to repeat the call for a “Yes” vote in next week's referendum on powers for the Welsh Assembly, in order to resist the cuts agenda of the Coalition government in Westminster.

Speaking ahead of the Spring Conference, Jake Griffiths said:  “Where Wales once powered the world we must once again become the engine room of the Green Economy. Assembly Coalition policies have left Wales poorly placed to withstand the forthcoming cuts in public expenditure and to develop the low-carbon economy so urgently needed to tackle the threat of climate change.  There has been a lack of strategic long term vision."

“Green politics has always been about thinking for the long term, and never has this been more relevant, when the Conservative/Liberal Democrat government is taking the axe to public services in the name of short term reductions in the deficit.”

“I’m not prepared to stand by while this governments policies lay ruin to the heart of Wales. If elected as one of the first Greens to the Assembly in May, I will stand up for public services, I will argue for the approach Wales desperately needs, not a ‘here today, gone tomorrow’ attitude to jobs, public services and the environment but sensible policies that will ensure our long term well-being.”

Greens received 6.4% across the Region the last time an election was held using proportional representation, during the 2009 European elections with 8% across Cardiff. Based on previous results 7-8% of the vote is needed to elect the first Green AM in South Wales Central.

He concluded by appealing to those who voted Liberal Democrat at the last general election and for those considering voting Labour at the Assembly elections to back the Green Party on the regional ballot:


“Greens have a vision for a fair and sustainable Wales which will appeal to many who feel let down after voting Liberal Democrat at the last general election only to end up with a Tory government and Labour voters who feel their 2nd vote is wasted because they will never be able to elect more Assembly members from the regional list.”

The Green Party's Spring Conference is taking place this weekend (Friday 25th – Monday 28th February) at the Angel Hotel in Cardiff.






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