Welsh Greens call for ‘yes’ vote for the green economy

2 March 2011

On the final day of campaigning, the Welsh Green Party has issued a plea to the people of Wales to vote 'yes' tomorrow to strengthen the Assembly's ability to develop the low carbon economy and to quicken the implementation of green policies in Wales.

Following last weekend's Green Party Conference in Cardiff, Jake Griffiths, Wales Green Party leader and lead candidate for South Wales Central said:
"A Yes vote will allow the Assembly to get on with the job of making laws that improve the lives of people in Wales. Wales has one of only three democratic institutions in the world with a constitutional commitment to sustainable development, and a ‘yes' vote could really allow Wales to take this agenda forward and become a world leader in the green economy on issues like energy and transport.

“Where Wales once powered the world we must once again become the engine room of the Green Economy. Assembly Coalition policies have left Wales behind in developing the low-carbon economy so urgently needed to tackle the threat of climate change, so a 'yes' vote could help up make up for lost time."

Jake also sponsored a motion to Conference calling for Wales to introduce a policy where waste generated in Wales can be handled within Wales. He Said:

"Wales produces enough waste to fill the Millennium Stadium every twenty days. Approximately 45% of waste produced in Wales is recycled, however this is nowhere near some of continental Europe, where 70% or more is recycled. Recycling creates 10 times more jobs than incineration; this could lead to the creation of 3000 new jobs within Wales which could play a vital part in making the Welsh economy more self-reliant and sustainable. By voting ‘yes’, we can help make Wales grasp the nettle on these issues."

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