Natalie Bennett announces candidate expected to be the first Green Assembly Member

03 October 2015

Bennett revealed Alice Hooker-Stroud as the candidate who will be leading a prominent campaign for the Green Party in Mid & West Wales.

No Solution for Nuclear Waste

21 September 2015

“No local authority wants this waste, the government have not found a solution, and it will haunt generations to come."

Greens Call for 'Carbon Positive' Revolt by Welsh Councils

17 September 2015

"For people on low incomes moving into new Social Housing, abandoning the Zero Carbon Homes policy will mean they are now more likely to suffer fuel poverty and be faced with the difficult choice of whether to eat or heat their homes."

Swansea Rally for Syrian Refugees

16 September 2015

"In Wales we can offer safety, security and kindness. Supporting Nada’s campaign to have 20 Syrian families brought to Swansea may look like a tiny gesture, but for those 20 families it will mean everything. I urge Local Authorities across Wales to open their arms to those in their greatest hour of need.”

Congratulations Jeremy!

12 September 2015

We acknowledge Jeremy Corbyn has many virtues, and we look forward to working together with him on issues of common ground such as the abolition of Trident, bringing essential services back into public ownership, and scrapping the bedroom tax. However, like Tony Blair and George Osborne and many more he is thoroughly in hock to the outdated fetish for economic growth based on debt. The case for the Green Party is stronger than ever.

Anthony Slaughter, Pippa Bartolotti, Prof Phil Jones

Say Goodbye to Fuel Bills

09 September 2015

“This is not the house of the future, this is the house for right now. People still think that minimal energy houses are unattainable, or expensive, or impossible, but this building proves that all new houses can be built from local materials, can be beautifully insulated little power plants, and be as affordable as social housing homes."

Welsh Green Pride Celebrate Blood Ban Campaign Success

07 September 2015

“During the campaign we received a clear message. Almost everyone we spoke to confirmed that there was an urgent need to review this blood ban. There has been a massive 40% decline in blood donations, and every drop counts."

The Refugee Crisis - an open letter from Pippa Bartolotti, Leader of the Wales Green Party.

01 September 2015

"Mr Cameron, you should be quite sure that this human tragedy is not going away, no matter how high you string the razor wire."

Wales Green Party to host Westmonster debate

12 August 2015

"76% of the UK electorate did not vote for Austerity, Fracking, NHS privatisation or tax breaks for the super-rich last May, yet we all now have to suffer and endure the onslaught which this government will continue to inflict on our society with renewed gusto. We are the only nation in Europe which clings on to this undemocratic and unrepresentative ‘First Past the Post’ voting system. I am glad that people will get a chance to discuss this on Sunday and address the reality of our predicament."

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