Green activists to unite in Cardiff ahead of historic Paris talks

26 November 2015

"We're being told that this will be the COP where the tokenism and greenwash of previous summits is over, and a serious agreement will finally be reached. But as the Green vote grows across Europe, it's easy to make the right noises on climate change. I hope our leaders will take our responsibility to future generations seriously this time, and agree that we must leave fossil fuel reserves in the ground."

Autumn Statement Makes Dangerous Assumptions

25 November 2015

“We need a Chancellor who prioritizes our needs for the future. Wales could be a model of new energy generation, but instead more money is going into the Cardiff City Deal, completely ignoring the potential of Mid and North Wales which could be a ‘powerhouse’ in the true sense of the word."

Green Party Deputy Leaders team up for electoral breakthrough in South Wales Central

18 November 2015

"We have already seen what Greens have achieved in Scotland, London, and Northern Ireland, now the time has come to show what we can do for Wales."

Wales Can Break the Link Between Oil and Energy

17 November 2015

Isis likes war, they like oil, they like climate change because it brings instability, as in Syria and Africa. It should not be a surprise that they targeted Paris and COP 21.

Wales Green Party leadership contenders go head-to-head at AGM

13 November 2015

Anthony Slaughter, Alice Hooker-Stroud and Ashley Wakeling will compete to win the support of party members at the event at the Angel Hotel this Saturday (14 November), before voting opens in the next few weeks.

Wales Green Party Leader: UN Climate Change Conference in Paris must deliver a binding global agreement

13 November 2015

"We can no longer stop the planet from warming. The Paris talks are now about mitigations. 2015 will be the year global warming has reached 1C – a halfway mark to dangerous warming that would threaten our homes and local environments."

Wales Green Party Leader Contest Announced

11 November 2015

"It’s lovely to have a contest between three very able and significant members of the Wales Green Party. This shows just how far the party has come in the last few years."

Today is the Day that Women Start Working for Free

09 November 2015

“Women are not morally, intellectually, or physically inferior to men. The levels of gender discrimination we see in the workplace today are holding this country back. We need balanced representation at every level of society. For over a thousand years there has been positive discrimination in favour of men, it is now time to turn the tables."

Today is the Day that Women Start Working for Free

09 November 2015

“From the pages of our passports, to the faces on our banknotes, women are not treated as equals. In fact the matter is getting worse as we see the number of women in boardrooms and politics decline."

Get Wales Walking, the movement has begun

06 November 2015

“It’s way past time for making our streets safer for children and adults alike. I would like to see the Welsh Government making a bold statement and putting up road signs in residential areas saying “Children can play anywhere”.

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