Wales Green Party to host Westmonster debate

12 August 2015

"76% of the UK electorate did not vote for Austerity, Fracking, NHS privatisation or tax breaks for the super-rich last May, yet we all now have to suffer and endure the onslaught which this government will continue to inflict on our society with renewed gusto. We are the only nation in Europe which clings on to this undemocratic and unrepresentative ‘First Past the Post’ voting system. I am glad that people will get a chance to discuss this on Sunday and address the reality of our predicament."

Green Party calls Welsh Government claims of 'bright future' for children irresponsible and misleading.

28 July 2015

"Closer study of the situation in Wales reveals a depressing picture of cutbacks within the Welsh Education system with dozens of schools closing or threatened with closure. Rural schools, often the backbone of a community, are particularly vulnerable with almost 70 being closed between 2009 and 2014. How is the wellbeing of our children improved by expecting them to travel huge distances for their education, often in areas poorly served by public transport?"

Wales Green Party celebrates leading scientific institutions' call for action on climate change

22 July 2015

“Climate change is one of the greatest challenges to mankind. The Learned Society of Wales has joined other leading institutions to call on governments to act now. Wales and the Welsh Assembly government must grasp this opportunity to lead the way with policies for a zero carbon future, to mitigate climate change effects. This will require new economic and social models for a sustainable society.”

Fuel bills of £12 a year are possible

21 July 2015

“Building houses so that they create more power than they use is the one sure way to take everyone out of fuel poverty. These houses are so well designed and insulated that fuel bills can be as little as £12 a year"

Welsh Green Pride to launch manifesto with endorsement from Peter Tatchell

17 July 2015

"I commend the LGBTIQ manifesto of the Wales Green Party. It offers inspiring, far-reaching policies on education, criminal convictions, the blood ban, trans issues and mental health. Yet again, the Greens are leading the way on policies for LGBTIQ equality and human rights. Bravo!"

Greens : We can’t allow fossil fuel based corporations to dictate our energy supplies

13 July 2015

The mockery of a coal based industrial giant like the Pennsylvania Power and Light Corporation restricting accessibility of renewable energy to the grid in Wales should not be lost on anyone. The best way forward for us will be to bring the grid into public ownership.

Wales Green Party denounces George Osborne’s policy to stop taxing polluters

13 July 2015

“The displacement of 100 million people in low lying countries should be top of the list in our concerns, yet the Tory government is expanding North Sea oil investment and riding roughshod over homeowner rights to frack yet more fossil fuels which will increase greenhouse gases at the very time we should be reducing them."

Wales Green Party responds to Budget

09 July 2015

"If the budget was about working people, it was only about rich working people. Those on low incomes are going to lose billions from tax credits. Some of those tax credits will be halved."

We need a budget fit for the future, says Wales Green Party leader

07 July 2015

“Our welfare state is on the edge of collapse, yet the so-called opposition, and the Government of Wales, seem unable to muster the strength to oppose further pernicious cuts to social security spending."

Cutting on shore wind subsidies shows hollow values of Government, says Wales Green Party Leader

18 June 2015

"If renewables are expected to stand on their own financial feet, why not the oil industry and the fracking game? The oil industry is subsidised by £2.6 billion a year, and frackers will have their taxes halved. This Tory government is subsidising the very industries which are leading us to irreparable climate change.”

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