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Anthony Slaughter to speak at Wales’ first independence summit

Anthony Slaughter will speak on behalf of Wales Green Party at Wales’ first ever independence summit later this week (28th January).

Anthony said: “This moment is a crucial time for Welsh democracy. The entire devolution settlement is at risk, threatened by a UK government intent on clawing back powers from the devolved nations. The most recent and blatant example of this is Westminster’s use of Section 35 to block Scotland’s Gender Recognition Reform Bill, a disgraceful attack on democracy and human rights. Westminster isn’t working. Wales deserves better.

“Wales Green Party believes that an independent Wales is a vital and necessary step towards building a fairer, greener society. An independent nation working together with others to build a truly equal, sustainable future. A nation in control of its ample sources of clean, renewable energy moving towards a zero-carbon future. Our vision of an independent Wales is that of a diverse, cosmopolitan and internationalist nation, committed to equality.

“A better future for Wales is possible, free from the chaos and cruelty of Westminster. Coming together at this summit to share ideas is a vital step towards building a truly progressive, inclusive and independent Wales.”

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