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Celebrating World Environment Day

Today on World Environment Day Wales Green Party join thousands of organisations and people across the globe celebrating the natural world and raising awareness of the threats facing the environment.

Anthony Slaughter, Leader of Wales Green Party, said,

‘World Environment Day is an opportunity to highlight the natural world, the environment, and our place within it.

At a time of climate emergency and global biodiversity crisis there is growing awareness of the fragility of our eco system on which all life depends. We are witnessing an acceleration of species extinction, rapid habitat loss and an increase in extreme weather events. The 2019 ‘State of Nature’ report showed that here in Wales one in six species are at risk of extinction.

The recent months of lockdown have made us all more aware of the importance of green spaces and wild places for both our health and mental wellbeing. We need nature, and nature needs us.

World Environment Day is a time to pause and reflect on our impact on this beautiful planet we call home, a time to raise our voices and call for the urgent action needed to halt this devastating decline and build back better for people and planet, for future generations. This World Environment Day, it is time for nature.’

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