Candidates selected to represent the Green Party for the South Wales West region

28 July 2020

Candidates selected to represent the Green Party for the South Wales West region

Celebrating World Environment Day

05 June 2020

Today on World Environment Day Wales Green Party join thousands of organisations and people across the globe celebrating the natural world and raising awareness of the threats facing the environment.

Wales Green Party criticises decision to open schools

03 June 2020

“The decision to reopen schools in Wales to all pupils on 29th June is based on assumptions. We don’t know what the infection rate will be. We don’t know how effective the new track and trace system will be. We don’t yet have guidance from the Welsh Government. We should know these things before we take risks with our children’s health.

What questions would you ask about the Cummings affair?

26 May 2020

It has been very clear that most Welsh people have heeded the corona virus advice, first from the Prime Minister and then the Welsh Assembly Government. On the 30th March the Prime Minister stated in his letter to all households, “I give you one simple instruction - You MUST Stay at Home”, and ended “These rules must be observed”.

Wales Green Party Welcomes The Future Generations Commissioner's Support For Universal Basic Income

14 May 2020

Universal Basic Income and a four-day working week are long-standing Green Party policies and we welcome the Future Generations Commissioner’s support. Wales urgently needs a transition to an economy that focuses on the wellbeing of its current and future citizens. The Welsh Government must act now to adequately support people in a post-coronavirus Wales.

Wales Green Party welcomes the extension of the lockdown in Wales announced by the Welsh Government.

11 May 2020

Following the statements by First Minister Mark Drakeford on Friday and U.K Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Sunday evening Anthony Slaughter, Leader of Wales Green Party said, ‘ We fully support Mark Drakeford’s announcement last week of no significant easing of lockdown restrictions in Wales. Now is not the time. Lifting restrictions should only be considered when the World Health Organisation criteria for this have been met. Crucially, this means the ability to ‘detect, trace and isolate every case and track every contact’. Easing lock down too soon could lead to unnecessary deaths, a second peak and the overwhelming of the NHS.

Cyflwyno i' r ymgynghoriad Llywodraeth Cymraeg a'r Economi Gylchol || Wales Green Party Response to Circular Economy Consultation

27 April 2020

The circular economy in Wales should be a central part of a greener, resource efficient and climate-resilient economy, supporting the Wellbeing of citizens including a healthy and flourishing natural environment. Commitments to Circular Economy should help to bring transformative change through a holistic and participatory approach involving civil society, government and business towards a more resilient and more equal society.

Wales Green Party announce new Deputy Leader

05 April 2020

Wales Green Party is pleased to announce the selection of Gwent Green Party member Lauren James as the new Deputy Leader following a vacancy that arose last year after previous Deputy Mirka Virtanen stood down. Lauren will be joining the existing leadership team of Anthony Slaughter, Leader and Duncan Rees, her fellow Deputy Leader.

Greens call for Coronavirus Solidarity Pact

14 March 2020

The Green parties of the United Kingdom have called for the Westminster government’s forthcoming emergency coronavirus legislation to a Coronavirus Solidarity Pact to ensure that vulnerable people are offered extensive protections and security.

Neath Town Council By-Election in Cefn Saeson Ward

03 March 2020

Following this short campaign, with only two dedicated and hardworking canvassers we gained 44.2% of the vote! The final result was Labour - 264; Green - 209. Turnout was 22.8%.


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