Wales Green Party responds to Hurricane Harvey

29 August 2017

“We have known events like Huston would happen for years, and the water there is still rising. Only the Green Parties of the world cared, protested, lobbied, marched. What happens next is very important. Whilst they clear up Harvey, we should be clearing out bad planning decisions. Building on flood plains should never be an option.”

Wales Green Party Welcomes Wales' First Gender Identity Clinic in Cardiff

25 August 2017

The Wales Green Party welcome the news that a Gender Identity Clinic is set to open in Cardiff. Currently Welsh trans people have to travel up to five hours to get to the nearest Gender Identity Clinic in London.

Gwent Green Party responds to the plans to tackle air pollution in Hafodyrynys

25 August 2017

BBC Wales reported on 22nd August that homes could be demolished or a bypass built under plans to improve air quality in an area with one of the UK's highest pollution levels in Caerphilly. Air pollution in Hafodyrynys is higher than anywhere but central London.

Wales Green Party warns of possibility of Welsh Arts being sponsored by fossil fuel companies

23 August 2017

The Culture, Welsh Language and Communications committee are holding an inquiry into increasing non-public funding of arts in Wales. The committee has said the funding would include earned income, philanthropy and investment. The public consultation is seeking examples of innovative approaches to raising non-public funding of the arts in Wales and is due to close this Friday (25th).

Adequate Transit System or Chaotic Growth

15 August 2017

The current rate of urbanization will lead to more traffic, more pollution, and more frustration if we do not plan to relieve these symptoms of growth. A Green economy in a crowded city needs to be planned carefully in terms of infrastructure, transport networks and technical connectivity just as much as a dirty economy

Welsh Green Pride achieves victory in Blood Ban Campaign

02 August 2017

Welsh Green Pride achieves victory in Blood Ban Campaign .

Congratulations to Benjamin Smith, new Wales Green Party deputy leader!

26 July 2017

Benjamin will join the current leadership team and work alongside the party's leader Grenville Ham and deputy leader Pippa Bartolotti.

Wales Green Party Deputy Leader concerned that the potential trade deal with the US will mean diluting standards in the UK

26 July 2017

Liam Fox, the secretary of state for international trade, is currently trying to establish a basis for a trade deal with the US. Wales Green Party deputy leader, Pippa Bartolotti, condemns any attempt to dilute existing regulation post-Brexit, especially when it comes to food safety and animal welfare.

Scrapping diesel is not the end of the problem.

26 July 2017

The current road-building programme, such as the proposed M4 across the Gwent levels, will bring even more cars onto the roads, cancelling out the benefits of what is being proposed. Westminster has also cancelled electrification of the remaining railways, forcing Wales into a dirty fuel future, when in fact with our access to abundant renewable energy we could be one of the cleanest countries in the world.

Don’t Scrap Electrification of the Track

24 July 2017

This should be a vital investment for the future of Wales. Breakthroughs in battery storage are bringing the very real promise of an all electric future. If politics doesn’t get in the way, clean energy will be the ongoing livelihood for tens of thousands in Wales.

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