Investment in Low Carbon Housing is Long Overdue say Greens.

09 February 2017

Zero carbon houses make more energy than they can use, and that means rip-off fuel bills will be so last century. It’s good that the Welsh Government is finally getting on board with the drive to cut emissions and make the running costs of new homes truly affordable, but they must stand up to the construction lobby which is particularly change resistant.

Open letter to Theresa May and Carwyn Jones

27 January 2017

Wales Green Party supports call for closure of Aberthaw and transition to local Green jobs in open letter to Theresa May and Carwyn Jones

Yes, we need a Brexit plan that benefits Wales

24 January 2017

Wales Green Party responds to Carwyn Jones’ and Leanne Wood’s Brexit plan.

Greens call on Welsh Government to ban wasteful packaging

23 January 2017

The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs is reshaping its waste and resources policy and is likely to shift responsibility for packaging waste to the product manufacturers.

Wales Green Party launches refugees campaign as Donald Trump is sworn in

19 January 2017

The Green Party has launched a campaign to resettle more child refugees in the UK and keep refugee families together, to coincide with the inauguration of Donald Trump.

Wales Green Party rejects the Wales Bill as insufficient

17 January 2017

Welsh assembly members are voting to support the next stage of devolution outlined in the Wales Bill today.

Wales Green Party Welcomes Positive Findings of Hendry Review on Swansea Lagoon

12 January 2017

A tidal lagoon is much more cost effective than a nuclear reactor, and infinitely less damaging. The lagoon will produce zero carbon electricity with no radioactive waste forced on future generations, and very small decommissioning costs. Even the decommissioning of North Sea oil and gas is estimated to be costing taxpayers an outrageous £24 billion. Theresa May must now stop dithering and give the green light to this industry fit for the future.

Wales Green Party Calls for Westminster to Back a Welsh Green Energy Revolution That Can Lead The World

10 January 2017

When built, the Lagoon will put Swansea, and Wales, firmly on the map at the sharp end of tidal power generation. There will be tremendous opportunities for eco- tourism and a much needed morale boost for the whole of Wales."

Wales Green Party calls for Westminster to cease all subsidies to oil and gas with immediate effect

09 January 2017

The Financial Times reports today that the UK faces a bill of £24 billion for shutting North Sea fields. The Wales Green Party is calling for subsidies on all fossil fuels to be removed. Fossil fuel subsidies are the main obstacle to the growth of renewable energy.

Wales Green Party leader and deputy leaders announced

16 December 2016

“I'm really excited to be re-elected, and to start work with our new deputies. Right now, I think we need some straight-talking in politics, and forward-thinking solutions for Wales."

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