By-election in Yscir, Powys. 22nd June

14 June 2017

There's an Action Day planned for Saturday 17th June to support our candidate, Bethan Siân Irwin.

Wales Green Party Welcomes Change in Blood Ban Law

09 May 2017

Wales Green Party was heavily instrumental in obtaining the review of the 12-month deferral period of blood donations for homosexuals and their female partners.

Local Election Success

05 May 2017

Congratulations to Emily Durrant who has just been elected as a councillor for Llangors in Powys! Well done Emily!

Greens call for emergency intervention into air pollution crisis

04 May 2017

Air pollution is causing over 1000 early deaths each year in Wales. Yet come Tuesday, when the Westminster government is due to publish their draft air pollution plan, the Welsh Government will not bat an eyelid. An emergency intervention is needed in Wales to curb illegal air pollution. For the sake of our communities, any delay in tackling this crisis in Wales is unacceptable.

Wales Green Party welcomes snap election on June 8th

18 April 2017

This is a great opportunity to stop austerity in its tracks. For too long the main parties have followed an ideology that has forced unnecessary hardship on the poorest and most disadvantaged in Britain, and Greens will continue to demand that this changes.

Caroline Lucas: “Hope will have a voice in Wales”

07 April 2017

Co-leader of the Green Party, Caroline Lucas said: “The Greens in Wales are standing a record number of candidates this year. From the Vale of Glamorgan to Powys, hope will have a voice in Wales. Global change starts at a local level. Green candidates in Wales can deliver the positive change we all desperately need.”

It's time Greens had equal media coverage in Wales

05 April 2017

The Wales Green Party is fielding a record 78 candidates across Wales in the forthcoming Council elections. With only 2 candidates fewer than UKIP, It’s time we had equal coverage across the media.

New leader Grenville Ham will lead Wales Green Party through local elections: “Greens well placed to make gains across Wales”

03 April 2017

Grenville Ham, an expert in renewable energy and an award-winning businessman, takes over party leadership from Alice Hooker-Stroud.  

Welsh schools face £200,000 bill for solar panels

14 March 2017

Schools in Wales could soon face business rate bills totaling more than £200,000 a year under a tax hike for properties with solar panels, research by the Green Party has found.

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