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Wales Green Party welcomes the extension of the lockdown in Wales announced by the Welsh Government.

Following the statements by First Minister Mark Drakeford on Friday and U.K Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Sunday evening Anthony Slaughter, Leader of Wales Green Party said, ‘ We fully support Mark Drakeford’s announcement last week of no significant easing of lockdown restrictions in Wales. Now is not the time. Lifting restrictions should only be considered when the World Health Organisation criteria for this have been met. Crucially, this means the ability to ‘detect, trace and isolate every case and track every contact’. Easing lock down too soon could lead to unnecessary deaths, a second peak and the overwhelming of the NHS.

By contrast the Prime Minister’s statement on Sunday was ambiguous and confusing. The shift from the ‘Stay at Home’ message to ‘Stay Alert’ lacks clarity and risks endangering public health with people in England left unclear as to what they are being asked to do.

Public Health is a devolved issue and Wales Green Party is in full agreement with the Welsh Government’s message to Stay at Home, Protect the NHS and Save Lives.’