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Wales Green Party Welcomes The Future Generations Commissioner’s Support For Universal Basic Income

The Future Generation for Wales commissioner Sophie Howe has set out the plan to reshape Wales in a world after coronavirus, and it involves some policies and ideas that we have championed long before the pandemic.

Universal Basic Income and a four-day working week are long-standing Green Party policies and we welcome the Future Generations Commissioner’s support. Wales urgently needs a transition to an economy that focuses on the wellbeing of its current and future citizens. The Welsh Government must act now to adequately support people in a post-coronavirus Wales. 

Lauren James - Wales Green Deputy Leader said “It’s great to see the Future Generations Commissioner’s support for Universal Basic Income, a four-day working week and urgent climate action. Of course, these are all long-standing positions of the Green Party. We urge the Welsh Government to heed her advice and take action to support people through this crisis and beyond.”