• Wales Green Party outline plans for “Green Transformation Fund” to raise finance within current Welsh Government powers.
  • Anthony Slaughter says plans go beyond any other party, and only sensible option is to vote Green.

Wales Green Party have published a detailed policy paper outlining their radical plans to establish a Green Transformation Fund for Wales as proposed in their Senedd election manifesto.

The Green Transformation Fund would raise the billions needed to invest in carbon reducing infrastructure, at the scale and urgency needed to tackle the Climate Emergency, by issuing Green Bonds.

The GTFW would be a not-for-profit body for Wales, to set up transformation projects, raise finance, own infrastructure, collect income as rent, lease and power purchase payments and to give returns to investors. The Fund would also enable individuals and communities to invest in securing a clean, green future for Wales.

Anthony Slaughter, leader of Wales Green Party, said “While other Welsh political parties now acknowledge the urgency of the climate emergency, none are proposing action at the scale and pace needed to secure a safe, sustainable and resilient future for the communities of Wales.”

“The exciting new thinking put forward in our proposal can achieve major change within existing Welsh Government powers. It is a call to action. Wales Green Party will work with others to make this happen. How could a failure to act now be explained to future generations?”

“We know that on the regional ballot the Green Party can win, and that the fourth seat in most regions will be between the Greens and Abolish. The only sensible vote for anyone who cares about the future of Wales and our environment is to vote Green”.

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