• Wales Green Party are close to getting their first seat in the Senedd, with polling consistently suggesting they are in contention for a number of regional seats.
  • Looking strong in South Wales East, South Wales Central and Mid & West Wales

Wales Green Party are looking likely to gain their first seat in Cardiff Bay, with polling consistently suggesting they might gain the fourth regional list seat in Mid and West Wales, South Wales Central and South Wales East – but all races look very close.

Wales Green Party say they have run their biggest Senedd campaign to date, and an analysis by Nation Cymru suggests the race will be between the Greens, Abolish the Welsh Assembly and the Conservatives for the fourth seat in most regions.

With Labour mathematically unable to win seats on the regional ballot in all of South Wales if the constituency results are as pollsters predict, Wales Green Party’s leader Anthony Slaughter has stressed the importance of voters lending their regional vote to the Green Party, to ensure the fourth regional seat is taken by a candidate who will work constructively for Wales.

Slaughter – also lead list candidate for South Wales Central, is one of the candidates who could be elected in this week’s election. He said “We have said Greens can win the whole way through our campaign, and the data is showing we’re so very close. However, we can’t do it without your vote.”

“We are hearing on the doorstep from first time Green voters, they are lending us their regional ballot because they like what we stand for and they want to vote to keep out Abolish. With Labour unable to win on this ballot in much of Wales, it is vital people who want a progressive voice representing them vote Green”.

The Green Party of England and Wales’ Deputy Leader Amelia Womack is also hoping to win a seat for South Wales East on Thursday. She said “It is long overdue that we in Wales get the Green scrutiny in the Senedd that we deserve. We can see across the UK and beyond the monumental difference Greens make when elected, holding government to account.”

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