• Wales Green Party have recorded their highest ever votes in Wales.
  • Anthony Slaughter said “Results demonstrate the appetite for change.”

Wales Green Party have recorded their highest ever result in Wales, beating their record vote share in every constituency bar one, and every region. They also gained a higher vote share than the Abolish the Welsh Assembly Party nationally, despite Abolish being invited for TV coverage ahead of the party throughout the campaign.

Although still short of their first seat, Wales Green Party leader Anthony Slaughter said the “results demonstrate the appetite for change” across Wales.

Slaughter, who was lead list candidate in South Wales Central added “Across Wales, thousands of people voted Green for the first time because they believed in a greener and more equal future for Wales. We will carry that in to the council elections next year, where things are looking good.”

“Throughout this campaign, our message has been one of transformation for Wales. For breaking away from politics as usual. For rebuilding a Wales that is resilient and more equal. That message remains the same. If not this time round, we will see Greens in government in Wales.”

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