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Wales Green Party holding annual conference in Llandrindod Wells

Wales Green Party are holding their annual conference this weekend , 5th and 6th, November in Llandrindod Wells, Powys.

The conference comes following an exciting year for the Party in Wales. In May’s Local Authority elections Wales Green Party made an historic breakthrough getting Councillors elected across the country, eight Green Party Councillors around Wales plus two in Cardiff under the Common Ground joint ticket. This has resulted in a growing awareness of the Party and it’s policies and a steady increase in membership throughout the year.

On the eve of the critically important CoP 27 Climate Summit in Egypt Wales Green Party will use this conference to highlight their wide ranging policies to tackle the Climate Emergency and the multiple crises facing communities in Wales.

Anthony Slaughter, Leader of Wales Green Party, said, ‘ At a time of Climate Emergency, economic and energy crises, communities across Wales are being let down by both governments in Westminster and Wales. The failure at every level of government to take the urgent and radical action needed in the face of the climate crisis is already impacting on communities across Wales with ever increasing extreme weather events causing devastation and disruption in cities and towns throughout the nation. The ongoing failure to meet existing, arguably inadequate, climate targets displays an embarrassing lack of leadership on the global stage and is a betrayal of future generations.

Following our election successes earlier this year, and the increased exposure, people can see that Greens have the joined up policies to tackle the many interconnected challenges that face our society. That is why I am confident that moving forward we will continue to build on our success and get elected Green representation at every level of government in Wales. Elected Greens are delivering the change needed across Europe, including the Scottish Greens in government in Scotland. Wales deserves no less. ‘