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Wales Green Party react to Supreme Court ruling on Scottish independence referendum

Reacting to the news earlier today of the Supreme Court’s decision that the Scottish Government was unable to legislate for a consultative referendum on independence for Scotland, Wales Green Party leader Anthony Slaughter said, ‘ Today’s ruling strongly underlines the essentially undemocratic nature of the constitutional relationship between the nations of the United Kingdom. While many advocates of the Union, including First Minister Mark Drakeford, claim that the strength of the Union lies in it being a voluntary one, today’s ruling makes clear the true power imbalance, in effect stating that decisions on the future of the devolved nations remain in the gift of Westminster and not the people of those nations.

Only 18 months ago the people of Scotland voted for a pro independence majority with both Scottish Greens and SNP manifestos pledging to deliver a referendum. For Westminster to ignore and override that mandate undermines our democracy and the devolution of power.

Scotland’s future should be a decision for the people of Scotland. Wales’ future should be a decision for the people of Wales. That is what a truly voluntary Union would look like.’