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Wales Green Party criticises decision to open schools

Wales Green Party has criticised the decision to re-open all schools in Wales on 29th June.

Deputy leader Lauren James argued that the decision is “a reckless gamble that could cost lives”.

“The decision to reopen schools in Wales to all pupils on 29th June is based on assumptions. We don’t know what the infection rate will be. We don’t know how effective the new track and trace system will be. We don’t yet have guidance from the Welsh Government. We should know these things before we take risks with our children’s health.

“The decision by the Education Minister today isn’t in line with the Welsh Government’s recent traffic light system and by her own admission isn’t for educational purposes. We can let children check in and catch up without opening schools to all pupils and putting people at risk.

“A phased return when the scientific data is clear and when the test and trace systems are fully operational is the only sensible way forward. It shouldn’t be on an arbitrary date. In the meantime, more support for vulnerable children to access education online or in hubs is crucial.

“Children should only go back to school when we know it is safe to do so. Re-opening schools before we know those systems are in place is a reckless gamble that could cost lives. It is not a risk I’m willing to take with my children.”

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